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Geo Mantis T-Shirts

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This is the Geo-Mantis! Harness the Mantis spirit and shake your thorax in this ultimate party T-Shirt.  

These Black Tees have colorful Neon Speckles blended into the fabric and just like all of our T-Shirts the designs are made to be one of a kind.  You can choose to have a Gold, Green, Blue, or Purple Mantis on the shirt. Each item is printed with different colored eyes to make them all different.  Because of this please understand that the item we ship to you will vary slightly from the previews listed here.

They look great under blacklight and did I mention they glow in the dark?  Oh yeah, THEY GLOW IN THE FREAKING DARK!!!

That's right! Every t-shirt will look a little different but you can pick a color theme that you like and see how it looks on the t-shirt color options available.

Available on:

•Neon Speckled Black

Choose from one of the color themes below: