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      Yeah Right! is Tucson's choice for Custom Screen Printing.

      Yeah Right! is a custom print shop with a special focus on t-shirt printing.  With years of experience and quality as our focus, we offer a professional product along with friendly service and quick turnarounds.    We are licensed and able to order all major brands through our wholesale suppliers and can offer sustainable ethical options with recycled organic garments made in USA.
      Our shop chooses to use certified green cleaning products and none of our inks contain harmful phthalates.

      Screen Printing:

      We are screen printers, in basic terms, screens are stencils that we press ink through onto a garment.  When you bring us a design idea we analyze how many colors are in it to determine how many screens will need to be made.  The amount of screens we make equates to how much set up time is involved in the process and although more colors means more time we are able to quickly and efficiently handle any job.  Once set up on the press we are able to produce thousands of prints per day.  
      Limited not only to t-shirts, we can help you build and grow your brand by printing on products such as:
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      Quantity plays a big role in cost efficiency, and our minimum order is 24 units.  For a quick quote please fill out the form in the link below and we will reach out to you shortly.  


      Need help creating a professional design from your idea? Let our skilled graphic design team sculpt your vision into a marketable product.  Please visit our contact page to begin the process of making your dreams a reality. Our team of printers all have their own clothing lines that you can see in our store.  


      Necklabel Re-branding: 

      We can remove the itchy tag from the garment and print a tag in its place. The print would include your Logo, the Size of the item, the type of Fabric, and any Washing Instructions.  This really adds a professional look to your product and is another opportunity to remind your customers who they are representing each time they wear it.

      The Future!  

      Each order is documented in detail so it can be reproduced exactly the same anytime down the road.  If you plan on reprinting the same design frequently we can store the screens and have them ready to restock again.